542012 = 22

21 weren’t perfect, been in the saddest-rollercoaster ever. a year went by, many things happen along the way in a good and bad ways. And now I was officially 22 years old. Stop being who I was and become who I am.

1st surprise presented by Icha, Uni, Chai, Rara, Noni, Halim, Dadan, and Bougenville House member on 4th April at 10 P.M hahahahahaha. Thank you for tumpeng, kunciran, teh kotak, baloons, chocolate. Arrrrrgggghhhh thank you guuysss, I love you all

2nd suprise presented by Anggun, Shane, Mitha, Retha, and Mas Ceceu at my birthday dinner at Anomali Coffee Plaza Indonesia 2days ago. They brought a Cheese Maquis cake as my birthday cake. Whereas, I was almost going to buy Maquis when I arrived at Plaza Indonesia. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You roooooocck guys, mmwaaaacchhhhhkkk :*

3rd surprise presented by Vita. She arrived late to my birthday dinner and came with BreadTalk muffin as my birthday cake. Thank you sweetieee, love youuu.

And I just had AWESOME birthday dinner ever. They’re my biggest part of my life after my family. I wouldn’t go this far without you all. Having them is treasure, I won’t change with anything. Totally grateful.

And there are funny moments in the parking area after birthday dinner. My friend Anggun forgot to turn off the headlights so that the car runs out of battery and couldn’t be turn on. But, we are grateful there are still good people in Jakarta who helped us in the middle of the night. I will never forget that I and my friends had pushed the car at 11 pm in the parking  area of Plaza Indonesia. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oia, biggest thank to Jazz B 1661 IF and X-Over B 13 ALI, you guys are awesomeeeeee :’)

4th surprise came from Dheyanne and Ninna. Ok I don’t want to talk much about them, please read it here.  Gifts from both of them is NAJIS-MUGHOLADOH. Dheya gave me a big gift box and Ninna  gave me  a DVD burning the containing is W-O-W -______-

Once again, thank you and I love you all :’)

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