Knowing The Last Page

Fell asleep at 4 am and woke up at 3 pm. Yeah I watched the EURO last night, and sad when Netherlands defeated by Denmark. Yes baby, I’m with you in this year Dear Netherlands. Koninklijke Nederlandse Voetbalbond. Of course, because starting next year I will stay there for a year or maybe more πŸ™‚ , if the DOOM didn’t happen this year. HAHAHAHAHA cetek bener yee alesan gue :p

When I woke up, I found three messages on my Blackberry. One message from my bestie. In one conversation she said:

Ahahahaha. Saya bertaruh 70% ending ceritanya sama. Gitu2 lagi. Kalo nggak balikan sama mantannya, pasti ni akhirnya ngilang nih. Dia kira saya tdk pernah ada dalam situasi kayak gini. Biasaaa abis. Yayaaa

I laughed out loud. The boy doesn’t seem smart enough to write down his secret, and the woman asked for help from me. KELAR DEH IDUP LO CONG. Bhahahahahahahahak

Me and her are very used to dealing with men like this. Makanan sehari-hari lah ceuuuuu. And we usually would spend time talking about this shit in our favorite coffee shop with a laugh instead of tears and also with a cup coffee and sandwich or kaya toast. Because we were two women are approximately the same as a woman in my favorite blog, here

But, as the author says in the blog in another post, my favorite line

Mengetahui akhir ceritanya sejak mula ternyata tak bisa menjadi pengurang rasa sakit ketika kamu sampai pada halaman terakhir. – Tears are Words the Heart Can’t Say, 2010

Yes that’s right. But one day, we’re both going to meet Mr. Right One at the right time πŸ™‚

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