April 2013 a series of non-stop-uber-sweet moments full of loving surprises. Got birthday surprises. Catching up with my best friends. Loads of prayers, wishes and birthday presents. Attending the graduation of my two best friends. Coming back from a short trip to somewhere new and revisited the places that I love. Fell in love with my new haircut. And April’s also about the happiness of meeting again after a long time in silences then spending hours and hours talking, laughing, doing trivial things, and absolutely eating the good food. Counting my blessings. I’m happy 🙂

2 thoughts on “Aprilicious

  1. happy for those things dear, I thought I was in reverse. April was so hard and tiring month. Well.. Every month on this year would be like a wave in pantai selatan you know.

    • be patient dear, you know kan April last year I was at my lowest point. The Lord gave me a series of shit-happened-in my life. I lost your friend, I lost my weight till 8kgs and finally I was hospitalized for 8 days and I lost a lot of money to pay for it.
      but Alhamdulillah this April hit me so well. insha Allah man shabara zhafira “whom be patient, will be get lucky”
      Ok, let’s done the undone things. LETS

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